Techno Gears Bionic Biplane
Techno Gears Bionic Biplane

Techno Gears Bionic Biplane


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With 80+ colorful construction pieces like translucent colored plastic and flashy chrome parts, rotating gears, and moving propeller, the kit includes everything your airplane enthusiast needs to build their own moving and working bionic biplane.
    • Algins with the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) standards
    • Promotes thinking and learning, sharpens tactile/motor skills, and inspires creativity
    • Promotes PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS. Expands knowledge of MECHANICS and ENGINEERING. Builds SELF-CONFIDENCE as children design vehicles that move and work. Provides hours of interactive learning fun
    • Recommended Age: 6+ years
    • Requires two AA batteries and six cell batteries (not included)
    • Product (L x W x H) inches: 15.00 x 13.50 x 8.75 Product Weight: 1.46 lbs.
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