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Boeing Recognition Program and

Thanks for visiting Please note that Boeing Store and Boeing Recognition Program are not the same. If you would like to view your Pride@Boeing Points or want to visit the Pride@Boeing or Service Award Catalog please click here (Boeing Employees only).

Pride Points and Service Award equivalents at Boeing Store

Boeing employees, contractors and partners may use Pride@Boeing Points and Service Awards (Boeing employees only) for purchases at the Boeing Store. Each Pride Point is equivalent to $1.00 at the Boeing Store.

Service Award equivalents are as follows:

Service Award Years

Store Credit Equivalent

Service Award Years

Store Credit Equivalent

5 years


30 years


10 years


35 years


15 years


40 years


20 years


45 years


25 years


50-70 years


Redeeming Boeing Employees Payment Options at

To redeem your Pride@Boeing Points, Service Award, Boeing Store Credit, and/or Gift Cards for purchases at, please follow the instruction below. Please be aware the deduction is not automatic– we must manually process employee payment orders for security purposes. 

  1. Select Boeing Employee Payment Options during checkout.
  2. A ‘Payment Confirmation’ window will appear, please read and confirm before moving forward
  3. Provide us with your BEMSID 
  4. Fill in the desired payment fields with the value(s) you want applied to your order. There are fields for Pride@Boeing Points, Service Award, Boeing Store Credit and Gift Cards.
  5. Once you complete the payment form with your desired payment methods, click the “complete order” button.
  6. Once the order has been submitted, it takes a 1-3 business days for us to review your order and 2-3 business days for our warehouse to process orders before shipping. Once the order has been shipped, you will receive a Shipping Confirmation email with tracking details.

Things to know about Boeing Employee Payment Methods 

  1. International Boeing Employees & Non-Active Employees: Must have an award balance or store credit balance greater than or equal to purchase total in order to proceed. If your award balance does not meet the order total; your order will be cancelled.
  2. International orders your packages are subject to the customs fees and import duties and they differ per country. These charges are always the responsibility of the receiver. Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by the recipient. The Boeing Store and its carriers do not control these charges and cannot predict what they may be.
  3. U.S-Based Active Employees: You will be charged payroll deduct for any remaining balance once Pride@Boeing Points, Service Award, Boeing Store Credit, Gift Cards have been applied to your order.
  4. Taxes and shipping are charged for all orders.
  5. Selecting Express Shipping does not expedite the order processing time. It takes 2-3 business days to process orders before they are shipped.
  6. Payroll Deduct only is not a payment option.
  7. Your order will be cancelled if we are unable to verify the submitted payment method.
  8. The entire Service Award amount is redeemed during the transaction. If the purchase total is less than the value of the Service Award, the remaining balance will be transferred to Boeing Store Credit. Boeing Store Credit will be tied to your BEMSID.
  9. Boeing Employees are now able to apply Gift Cards to their orders. If you have more than 5 gift cards or a Merchandise Return Card, please reach out to prior to submitting your order.

Returns Policy for Orders Placed with Boeing Employee Payment Options:
If you decide to return your item(s), you will receive a refund in Boeing Store Credit. We are unable to refund in Pride@Boeing Points, Service Award, Gift Cards or Payroll. Boeing Store Credit will be refunded and tied to your BEMSID. You can keep track of your refund amounts via email or you can reach out to Boeing Store Customer Service to double check your Store Credit balances.  

View our complete return policy.

If your Order is cancelled for any reason:
You will receive an Order Cancellation email, and if we applied any of your employee payment method(s) to the order, you will be refunded in Boeing Store Credit. We are unable to refund in Pride@Boeing Points, Service Award, Gift Cards or Payroll. The Boeing Store Credit refund will be tied to your BEMSID. 

Redeeming Awards In-Store
Boeing employee and ECLAS contractor award recipients: if you have a valid BEMSID, you may redeem your Pride@Boeing Points or Boeing Service Award (employees only) for Boeing Store merchandise by providing your BEMSID in person at any Boeing Store location.

Boeing Company Purchases
Purchases with use of Boeing funds (Boeing-issued corporate credit card or ICAT charge line) are eligible to receive a 20% Boeing Use discount on full-price, qualifying items.

For large volume orders, you may be eligible for an additional discount. Contact the Merchandise Solutions team or visit one of our stores to place your order today.

Visit our Boeing Merchandise Solutions page for more information.