Boeing F/A-22 Raptor Wood 1:48 Model


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Boeing is teamed with Lockheed Martin, Pratt & Whitney, and the U.S. Air Force to develop the F/A-22 Raptor as a replacement for the F-15. The fast, agile, stealthy F/A-22 will take over the air superiority role with the Air Combat Command starting in 2005. Boeing builds the Raptor's wings and aft-fuselage, and is responsible for avionics integration and test, 70 percent of mission software, the pilot and maintenance training systems, and the life-support and fire-protection systems. Stand included.
    • 1:48 scale
    • Made of molded wood, which is sanded and painted and then clear-coated and cured after decals are applied
    • Length: 15.25". Wingspan: 11.25".
    • Imported