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Boeing 747 Bronze Model

Created by "the Incredibles," a history-defining group of 50,000 Boeing workers, the 747 was the largest civilian airplane in the world. It was built in the 1960s in less than 16 months. In 1974, a Boeing 747 was modified into the first Space Shuttle Carrier Aircraft and in 1990, a modified Boeing 747-200B entered service as presidential transport Air Force One. In 2014, the 747 became the first wide-body airplane in history to reach the 1,500-production milestone. A solid bronze replica of this historic airplane is yours to own, presented with fine details and a beautiful, hand-polished finish.
    • Sculpted by hand
    • Lost-wax cast in pure bronze
    • Hand-polished mirror finish
    • Each model includes a polishing kit
    • Length: 14"
    • Wingspan length: 13.25"
    • Height 5.5"
    • Imported

Boeing 747 Bronze Model