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It’s likely because your browser isn’t supported. You may be currently using Internet Explorer, which is unsupported and has been replaced by Microsoft Edge. Boeing Store’s website has been optimized for the latest versions of Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. The latest available browser versions support the newest technology, which improves website speed, accessibility, and functionality in addition to providing virus and security protection.

Please also note that the technology supported by browsers can vary, so it is expected that our website will render differently for different browsers, as well as for different releases of the same browser.

Upgrade to one of the latest versions listed below to get the most out of your experience.


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 Desktop browsers

  • Edge - latest two releases for PC | 93+
  • Chrome - latest two releases for Mac and PC | 93+
  • Firefox - latest two releases for Mac and PC | 91+
  • Safari - latest two releases for Mac | 14+

 Mobile browsers

  • Chrome Mobile - latest two releases for Android and iOS | 93+
  • Mobile Safari - latest two releases for iOS | 14+
  • Samsung Internet - latest two releases for Android | 14+

 Release notes updated: 9/22/21


How can I make operate and download faster?

Be sure to double-check your internet connection and CPU usage. Faster connection speeds will lead to faster load times, although any connection will work. If you notice that is moving more slowly than usual, or more slowly than other sites, please feel free to reach out to us.


How can I report a problem with your site?

If you experience problems that are isolated to our site, please email us at to provide us with some specific details of the issue you are experiencing. Providing us with the name of your device, operating system, and browser version can be helpful in diagnosing issues.


Who do I call if I am having problems with my computer?

We recommend that you call the customer service number belonging to the brand of your computer or the store from which you originally purchased your computer.