The Jumbo Jet: Changing the World of Flight Book


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In the beginning, the question was: How can an airplane this big even fly? In the 1960s, designing and building the largest airplane in the history of the world-the Boeing 747-100 with a tail as tall as a six-story building-took daring, determination and the ability to meet challenges head on. The legendary Jumbo Jet first took flight in 1969. Its sheer size captured the world's imagination and its impressive 400-passenger capacity changed the way people fly. The magnificent Queen of the Skies is still flying today-and with the new 747-8, it's bigger and better than ever. This engaging book tells the story of the Boeing 747 in words and stunning photography, from first flight in 1969 to the launch of today's 747-8. Hardcover with dust jacket. 92 pages. Measures 9" x 9" x 0.5". By Betsy Case (author), Cass Weaver (designer). Published by Boeing Press (2013). Printed in USA.