Swarovski® Airplane Earrings
Swarovski® Airplane Earrings

Swarovski® Airplane Earrings


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These paper airplane stud earrings are born from travel stories and wanderlust. Crafted in tarnish-free rhodium plate and embellished with an aquamarine Swarovski® crystal, their simple, geometric shape tells of tales told in well-worn journals and postcards sent from across the seas. With a wingspan of ½ an inch, these earrings will enhance one's journey and are happiest when travelling the world.
    • Embellished with genuine Swarovski crystal
    • All components utilize the highest quality raw materials
    • Lead free crystal and nickel free rhodium
    • Rhodium Plated Brass Swarovski® Aquamarine Crystal
    • Box included
    • Dimensions: 0.47 x 0.31 in., weight 0.035 ounces
    • Imported