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The Boeing 747 jumbo jet is the most recognizable passenger airplane in the world - and now you can own a piece of the historic plane known as the Queen of the Skies. This limited-edition artifact is a genuine stator ring from a 747 auxiliary power unit (APU) that has been converted into a mirror. The APU is a small gas turbine engine that provides the power needed to start the main engines and run other systems while the main engines are off. The stators, or stationary airfoils, in a jet turbine engine control airflow through the rotor blades. This titanium alloy piece has been refurbished, polished, given a hand-applied bronze finish, and fitted with a high-quality reflective mirror for display on home or office wall. Certificate of Authenticity included. Each piece is unique and may vary slightly from photograph. Measures 13.5" in diameter x 2.5" thick. Weighs approximately 5 lb. Made in U.S.A. *NOTE: This artifact is sold "as is" with no guarantee that parts maintain original function. Not for flight use.*

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