F-4 Phantom II Instrument Panel II

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The McDonnell two-place, twinjet, all-weather F-4 Phantom II had top speeds more than twice that of sound. In 1961, It was the U.S. Navy's fastest, highest flying fighter with the longest range. It flew concurrently with the U.S navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps. Both the Navy Blue Angels and the Air Force Thunderbirds flew the F-4 from 1969 to 1973. Last Delivery of the F-4 was in 1979, and 5,195 were built. It was retired from the U.S. service in 1996 after flying more than 17 million miles. This instrument (pneumatic, hydraulic, and oil pressure indicator) is from an F-4 Phantom II fighter that took its first flight in 1958. It has been hand refurbished and set in a housing made from plasma cut 11-gauge hot rolled steel, in a shape inspired by jet-engine aircraft. It has been hand polished and powder coated with a vintage smoke clear finish to stay true to the military application. Certificate of Authenticity included. May vary slightly from photograph. Measures approximately 11.5"L x 8.5"W x 8"H. Specially priced-no discounts may be applied. Made in U.S.A. NOT FOR FLIGHT USE.

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Item No. "667066010096"



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