Boeing 747-400 Rudder Pedal Plaque 1 (6488784518)
Boeing 747-400 Rudder Pedal Plaque 1 (6488784518)
Boeing 747-400 Rudder Pedal Plaque 1 (6488784518)

Boeing 747-400 Rudder Pedal Plaque 1


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The Boeing 747 first flew in 1969, and the Queen of the Skies quickly became an aviation icon and one of the most recognizable-and beloved-airplanes in the world. The 747 development team, under the leadership of chief engineer Joe Sutter, was known as "The Incredibles" for completing the first 747 in less than 16 months. The 747-400 rolled out in 1988 and featured 6'-high winglets to reduce drag. This artifact is a genuine 747-400 jetliner rudder pedal on a custom mounting. Rudder pedals are standard airplane components that control the rudder, a moving surface on the vertical stabilizer. The rudder helps control the yaw, or left-right nose direction, of the plane. The rudder pedal has been cleaned and polished and attached to a 1/2"-thick sheet of hot-rolled steel with a plywood backing covered in black felt. A photograph of a 747 set in a 6" by 8" clear acrylic sandwich frame with aluminum standoffs is mounted next to the pedal to complete this museum-quality display. The entire assembly has a stainless-steel French cleat on the back for hanging and an attached Custom Hangar plaque. Certificate of Authenticity included. Measures approximately 18"H x 22"W. Weighs approximately 15 lb. Made in U.S.A.

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