Boeing 747-400 Engine Spinner Table - Silver


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The legendary 747 jumbo jet is one of the most recognizable, and beloved, airplanes in the world. More than 3.5 billion people have flown on 747s-nearly half the world's population. This artifact is an engine spinner from a 747-400 Rolls-Royce RB211 turbofan engine. The engine spinner is a fairing placed over the center of the engine to reduce drag and smooth airflow for more efficient air intake. This artifact, made from titanium, aluminum, and stainless steel, has been cleaned, hand-polished, given a clear powder coat, and fitted with 1/2" glass table top. Certificate of Authenticity is included. Measures 22.5"H x 32" in diameter (top). Weighs 70 lb (uncrated). Made in U.S.A. *NOTE: This artifact is sold as is with no guarantee that parts maintain original function. Not for flight use.*