Air Power Racer Kit (6403192646)
Air Power Racer Kit (6403192646)

Air Power Racer Kit


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Boeing is working with industry and government partners to develop alternative fuel sources. You can do your own research with this fun and fascinating science kit. OWI Inc.'s Air Power Racer uses compressed air to provide propulsion for a miniature vehicle. Use the pump-up bar with pressure meter to fill the PET plastic air chamber. The red silicon tube provides an air-tight fit. If you accidentally keep pumping when the tank is full, the safety valve will open and bleed air automatically. When the air chamber is full, you can release the compressed air, driving the vehicle a distance up to 164 ft (50 m) in 35 seconds. This car is fast and furious fun that requires no batteries or specific weather conditions. It's easy to put together and operate.
    • Ages 10 and up
    • Weighs 1.27 lb.
    • Measures 8.9" x 6.3" x 6.3"
    • Imported