727 JT8 Engine Burner Can Lamp

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Shine a light on aviation history. The iconic Boeing 727 jetliner, the first trijet introduced into commercial service, was the best-selling airliner in the world for many years. The 727 was powered by three rear-mounted Pratt & Whitney JT8D low-bypass turbofan engines. This lamp is built around a burner can from one of those hard-working engines. The burner can in a jet engine is where combustion takes place; the heat creates natural discoloration on the metal surface. The burner can has been cleaned and polished and fitted with a cord, line switch, and custom base made from 1/8" cold-rolled steel with a blackened finish. The lamp includes a shade harp and comes with a drum-shaped cylindrical shade made from off-white linen fabric on a styrene backing. A Certificate of Authenticity is included. Built to UL standards. Takes a standard 60W bulb or equivalent. Measures 24"H x 7.5" in diameter at base/11" in diameter at shade. Weighs approximately 15 lb. Made in USA. *NOTE: This artifact is sold as is with no guarantee that parts maintain original function. Not for flight use.*

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Item No. "667066010546"



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