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Custom Hangar: Boeing Store Limited Editions

Welcome to the Hangar.

You know you’re a true aviation fan when your heart beats a little faster at the sound of mighty jet engines roaring overhead. When you visit the summer airshows just for the chance to sit in a vintage cockpit and hold a well-worn control yoke. When you have to fight the urge to reach out and touch the gleaming steel and rivets of a vintage airplane wing at the flight museum.

We feel the same way. That’s why we are launching the Custom Hangar, a select collection of authentic artifacts, collectibles, and apparel derived from classic Boeing airplanes. Our buyers use their insider knowledge and contacts — traveling everywhere from Boeing commercial sales offices in Seattle to the famous aviation boneyard in the Mojave Desert and beyond — to locate rare artifacts from retired airplanes, demonstrator models, and other sources, which we then carefully clean and refurbish for home display.

To complement these finds, our designers have created an array of custom high-end apparel and limited-edition models with special features not available anywhere else.

Shop the Custom Hangar today.

custom hangar